The Complete Archive

Aquatic Wonder

Project # 36

Underwater theme

Stroggman's Tundra

Project # 35

Icy Quake base theme

Luminous Gloom

Project # 34

Bioluminescence theme

Rainy Days in Casablanca

Project # 33

Film Noir theme


Project # 32

Tomatoman's Revenge theme

Santa's Outback Bender

Project # 31

Austrailian Christmas theme

The Magnificent Five

Project # 30

Wild western theme

Morbid Autumn

Project # 29

Autumn graveyard theme

Fear and Loathing

Project # 28

id software's Doom 3 lore theme

Ten Day Vacation

Project # 27

Tropical Paradise theme

The City of Damned Children

Project # 26

La cité des enfants perdus theme

Dead But Dreaming

Project # 25

Lovecraftian Nightmare (for Nightmare skill)

Spaceballs: The Quest For More DBP Maps

Project # 24

Spaceballs the movie theme

Evil Egypt

Project # 23

Pyramids and demonic sorcery

Biotech is Godzilla

Project # 22

Gardens and mutant reptile anatomy

Occult Secrets of the Third Reich on Mars

Project # 21

Nazis and necronomicons in space

Dungeons and Demons

Project # 20

Dungeons and Dragons dream theme

A Doomer Boards Christmas Carol

Project # 19

Christmas catastrophe theme

Umbral Platinum

Project # 18

Techbase chaos dungeons


Project # 17

Alien Xenomorph theme

Cyb's Freaky Colonoscopy

Project # 16

Cyberdemon anatomy theme

Fuck Global Warming... This is Hell

Project # 15

Climate crisis theme

After the Fall

Project # 14

Urban wasteland theme

Alien Bastards!

Project # 13

Halloween Harry theme

Into The Storm

Project # 12

Blue castle void theme

Lilywhite Lilith

Project # 11

Tranquil marble garden theme

Earth Ends

Project # 10

Post apocalyptic city theme

Legend of the Hidden Tech

Project # 09

Meso-american-sci-fi game show

Mindblood Genesis

Project # 08

Flesh/Gore abnormality theme

The Merry Christmassy Doom Project

Project # 07

Christmas day surprise theme

Fall of Society

Side Quest

Dystopian wasteland theme

Vicarious Reality

Project # 06

Virtual Reality resources by MagicMaha

Coffin Curse

Project # 05

Medieval castles and morgues

Xenomorph Base

Project # 04

Brown/gray techbases and HR Giger artwork

Forest Swords

Project # 03

Tan/green jungle mountains theme

Circle of Caina

Project # 02

Ice caverns theme (inspired by caina.wad by FraGMarE)

Monuments of Mars

Project # 01

Natural red rock textures with brown/tan techbases