Lunar Strain by matador
Lunar Strain is a new Moon themed megawad for Doom 2 designed for limit removing source ports made by various members of Doomer Boards.

Download (RC1):

■ MAP01: Office Space -
■ MAP02: Probiotic Moonberry -
■ MAP03: Lunar Shadows Conclave -
■ MAP04: Distress Call -
■ MAP05: Micro Crater -
■ MAP06: Area A1 -
■ MAP07: Reactor "Schmactor" -
■ MAP08: Razed Mining Colony -
■ MAP09: Auriga Layover -
■ MAP10: Rescue Signal -
■ MAP11: Shimmering Moonipulation - &
■ MAP12: Path of Totality -
■ MAP13: Moonbase Alpha -
■ MAP14: Blue Sky Station -
■ MAP15: Romulan Ale -
■ MAP16: Bulkhead -
■ MAP17: Last Hope Outpost -
■ MAP18: Aphelian Monochrome -
■ MAP19: Dreams of Orion -
■ MAP20: 1000 Space Needles -
■ MAP21: Full Spectrum Pain -
■ MAP22: Europa Falls -
■ MAP23: Lunar Strain -

There's two non-canon curiosities that were also included:
■ MAP31: The Menagerie -
■ MAP32: No Humanity -

MAP31 is the demo map showcasing the new things & enemies. MAP32 is a palette swap of MAP13 (blue instead of red).


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