Tempest Enterprise by 40oz
Tempest Enterprise is a new episode for Doom 2 designed for limit removing source ports made by various members of Doomer Boards.

Updated: 09/02/2023 11:43AM ET (dropbox link)


MAP01: Unbound Iterons - Glikkzy
MAP02: Mission Control - 40oz
MAP03: The Grimace Incident - snowy44
MAP04: Infected Core - Indigo
MAP05: Specimen 67 - JadingTsunami
MAP06: Internal Infection - thehockster
MAP07: Auxiliary Power - 40oz
MAP08: Dimension X - snowy44
MAP09: Annihilation - snowy44
MAP10: Tesseract - thelokk
MAP11: Lean Leaks - russin
MAP12: Containment Protocol - biz
MAP13: Deus Nano - 40oz
MAP14: Tempest Enterprise - 40oz


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by Doomer Boards

MtPain27's youtube channel posted a new episode in the Dean of Doom series where he reviews the 1996 megawad Requiem
by Doomer Boards
In another leaked document from Microsoft, A ten year plan exchanged during Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda has been posted on social media. In the ten year plan, a new Doom game titled Doom: Year Zero was referenced in the document, said to be announced in the year 2023.
by Doomer Boards
TimeOfDeath is actively running a longplay series with a streaming-like setup where he plays every Doom wad on the /idgames archive. It's a chill little hangout where you can watch him play and talk about Doom.
by Doomer Boards
Laz Rojas is a multitalented guy. An actor, writer, filmwriter, "one-man movie studio" -- but what makes him relevant to us is the fact that he made the very well-known and influential WolfenDoom series of Doom WADs during the 1990s and early 2000s. His work started a whole separate subgenre of Doom WADs.

Anyway, life has taken Laz down quite an eventful and tragic path. After his mother's unfortunate passing from dementia in March 2022, he was falsely accused of her murder and placed in prison, where he was subjected to various mistreatments and was left with multiple lasting effects to his health. He was eventually let go early this year, after he was proven innocent, but the damage was done: during imprisonment he also lost all of his possessions, including his property and all of his creations. After a stint on the streets, he received enough donations through his GoFundMe to find proper shelter.

Since his release, he has been trying to sue the people and institutions responsible for putting him through the torture he endured in prison.

This brings us to today: in his latest update posted on Doomworld, Laz details having suffered from Covid or a similar illness, no lawyer being willing to take his case, and his money running out, potentially leaving him on the streets again. Laz is now in his late 50s and of fragile health -- who knows how that could end for him.

by Doomer Boards
A few weeks ago Wadazine posted its August 2023 issue. This edition has 90 pages with interesting articles showcasing many great wads, old and new, and includes interviews with Doom community members such as Roofi and Biodegradable